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09.Tanpa Vocal - Gugurnya Bunga Cinta Laksamana Andi Old Dies Rock Syahdu 2
07. Isa Gravity - Tanpa Vocal - Kasih Di Rundung Mega Isa Gravity Andi Old Dies Rock Syahdu 2
Gugurnya Bunga Cinta Andi Old Dies Andi Old Dies Rock Syahdu 2
03. Nike Ardilla - Dermaga Cinta (Versi Awal) Nike Ardilla Andi Old Dies Mama Aku Ingin Pulang
ELLA - Berlayar Tak Bertepian Instrumen Versi ELLA Andi Old Dies Instrumen Versi
Irszat - Sebatang Kara Irszat Andi Old Dies Sebatang Kara
Faded (Revolvr Remix) 7A - 128 - Zhu
Dreamin (Original Mix) 2A - 120 - Dr. Fresch
Erase Me (Kissy Sell Out Mix) 10A - 126 - Super Square Erase Me - The Remixes
Feel (Chamber Remix) 6A - 135 - Philly Blunt Free Download
It Takes Two (Ryan Blyth Remix) 5A - 128 - Malisha Bleau It Takes Two
Follow My Bassline  (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) 11A - 123 - Robbie Rivera FOLLOW MY BASSLINE (VANILLA ACE & DHARKFUNKH REMIX)
Mirdad (Original mix) 8A - 125 - Last Magpie INFLUENCES EP
Family Affair 7A - 128 - Dion Kay Family Affair
Rude Boy (Free DL) 4A - 126 - Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo Rude Boy (Free DL)
Dirty Girl (Original Mix) 7A - 125 - Ange, Egoism Dirty Girl
Taking It Back (Better Than Before) (Original Mix) 2A - 125 - Deekline, PSG, Asha Rae Taking It Back (Better Than Before)
Feel It (Dub Mix) 11B/7A - 124 - John Jacobsen & G-Martinez Feel It
To Ü  (Stranger Remix) 3A - 130 - Jack Ü To Ü (Stranger Remix)
Touch Me (Return of the Jaded Remix) 4A - 122 - Croatia Squad Touch Me - The Remixes
Hustle (Original mix) 8A - 128 - Krafty Kuts Hustle
Rainbows (Original Mix) 8A - 125 - Sonny Fodera, Doorly Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly
Remedy 3B - 128 - All About She All About She Go Slow
Seeing Is Believing (Original Mix) 10A - 125 - Shadow Child, Eli & Fur Seeing Is Believing
Love Taking Over (Original Mix) 9A - 125 - Dusky Love Taking Over EP
My Love(Freestylers ReFix) 5A - 128 - Freestylers v Route 94
FRNKNSTN - Notion Ohay Remix
Arachnid SubVibe and Mizuki
Love Hard R/D
The Electric - Toot Toot (Zeds Dead Remix) Zeds Dead
Wanna Be With You Document One
Nicki Minaj - Beez in the Trap (Knuckle Children Bootleg) Knuckle Children
I Make Bass High Rankin, Tigerlight
State of Trap Crushendo Dubstep.NET Free Downloads
Ellie Goulding - High For This (Omega Bootleg) Omega
Mercy Remix Figure Figure
Yep High Rankin
God Slay The Fiend (Original Mix) FIGURE FIGURE Free DL from
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (GRiZ Remix) GRiZ
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